Our Projects

Winery Retreat

21 photos

To Infinity

23 photos


2 photos

Residential Retreat

74 photos An expansive site renovation in Northern Virginia including swimming pool, pool pavilion, outdoor grill, fireplace, waterfall, landscape, outdoor lighting and 2 story addition

Country Living

41 photos

Fire and Water

14 photos The concept of "Fire and Water" was to create a living backyard environment which juxtaposed these two elemental forces in a way that was both harmonious and "properly fit" to the constraints of the site and reflected the form and materials used within the space to create an environment to which the owner can come back again again and discover something unique with each return.

A Garden in the Wood

45 photos The goal of Garden in the Wood was to seamlessly knit both home and designed space to native space so that one was a natural extension of the other. Both pool and gardens were carefully sited to retain existing hardwood trees which give scale and unity to the space while other trees were selectively culled to create views and give invitation to the spaces beyond

Lake Estate

39 photos

The Glens

79 photos The Glens was designed as an outdoor entertainment, recreation, and retreat space for the client. The design began with a thorough evaluation of existing structures, vegetation, and topography to provide the clients with a clear understanding of the site and the phaes of the installation. The plan includes siting the wood deck, swimming pool, outdoor pavilion / kitchen area, sports court, gardens, car park, and drainage

Mink Meadow

16 photos