Plant Spotlight – Japanese Sedge ‘Ice Dance’

FotoSketcher - Ice Dance SedgeOnly reaching 12″ high this dense slow spreading ground cover grass with its white tipped margins brings a brightness to otherwise shady woodland gardens and borders. Evergreen with wide, stiff, long foliage (1/2″ x 12″) this sedge can be planted in partial to full sun with the leaf color being richer in areas of some shade. Thrives is moist soil.

Plant Spotlight – Reed Grass ‘Overdam’

FotoSketcher - 4858

This stunning vertical accent to the landscape is highly prized for its feathery blooms which rise above reddish brown stalks maturing to a yellow / bronze in fall. Deer resistant and attractive to song birds for its sterile seeds which will not create unwanted volunteers, plant this fast growing (24″ x 60″); clump forming grass along borders or in masses in full sun with companions such as Nandina and Rudbeckia for a rustic and natural affect.

Plant Spotlight – Liriope ‘Big Blue’

FotoSketcher - LIRIOPE4


Liriope, with its arching green foliage and abundant spikes of purple flowers followed by black berries, makes an excellent border or edging for the shrub and perennial garden or as a ground cover when planted en masse. Very durable, plant Liriope in partially shaded conditions for best effect. Reaches 12″ -15″ tall and wide.

Plant Spotlight – Pachysandra

FotoSketcher - Pachysandra


Pachysandra or Japanese Spurge is a highly resilient; attractive ground cover for sun or shade that thrives in nearly any location so long as the soil is not dry. Evergreen to semi-evergreen foliage reaches 8″-12″ wide with an indefinite spread of several feet and is topped by spikes of small white flowers emerging in spring. We plant Pachysandra with other part shade plantings such as Astilbe, Cinnamon Fern, and Japanese Forest Grass  for beautiful contrast in color and foliage texture.

Plant Spotlight – Mondo Grass

FotoSketcher - Mondo Grass


Growing 8″-12″ high and 12″ wide, Mondo Grass with its dense clumps of grassy foliage makes an excellent edging, accent or massed planting as a ground cover. Especially attractive when planted around boulders, as part of water features or between stepping stones , we like to use Mondo Grass with companions such as Astilbe and Japanese Painted Fern for best effect.

Plant Spotlight – Panicum ‘Shenandoah’


Prized for its dramatic colorful foliage, which consists of fast growing green foliage with tips of red maturing to a deep burgundy in fall, and having mists of airy reddish-pink flowers in summer,  Panicum Shenandoah is an excellent choice for massed planting as a background for a shrub or perennial border. Plant in partial to full sun, reaches 4′ in height and 2′-3′ in width

Plant Spotlight – Panicum ‘Northwind’

FotoSketcher Panicum NorthwindSimilar to its close relative Panicum ‘Heavy Metal’, North Wind is a perfect choice for larger spaces or when a larger specimen grass is desired than its smaller cousin. The 2014 perennial plant of the year, North Wind is noted for its distinct upright habit, strong blue foliage, and durability. Reaching 4′-6′ in height with a spread of 3′,  we like to use this variety as a massed planting on banks or slopes or in rain gardens with companions such as Viburnum, Knock Out Roses, and Rudbeckia.